• Family Kayaking – A Guide

    Posted on February 5, 2012 by in Easy Kayaks Kayaking Guides

    Easy Kayaks Family (2+1) Kayak - Lilac & WhiteKayaking is certainly a most popular adventurous water sport. Initially when kayaking started, kayaks used were just designed to accommodate only one person.  Now with family kayaks or tandem kayaks you can navigate through rivers and local surf or glide across lakes  and waterways with your partner or your friend.

    Easy Kayaks family kayaks can comfortably accommodate two adults and one child, sharing the thrill and experience of kayaking together.  Easy Kayaks family kayaks are great for beginners and more experienced “Yakkers” alike, so all you people who are little nervous about being alone in the water, can experience the comfort of another person paddling with you.  Anybody from your kids, parents and even your pets can accompany you on your kayaking trip or outing.  The most amazing thigh about Easy Kayaks family kayaks is that second person doesn’t even have to paddle if they don’t wish to.

    Easy Kayaks family kayaks are much wider and much more stable than usual kayaks providing  a safe kayaking experience. Kayaking with Easy Kayaks family kayaks is a great option for families with small children that would not normally be able to enjoy kayaking.  Your child can comfortably fit in the middle of the kayaks if two adults are present, or they can sit up front with just one adult at the back of the kayak.

    The big question while kayaking with family kayaks is “who sits where?”  Seating arrangement is very important for smooth and easy kayaking. This seating arrangement can be done in many different ways based on experience, weight, practicality and preferences. Seating arrangement should be in such a way that it will maintain harmony among the whole crew. If there is an experienced person in the back of the kayak then he or she can properly direct the kayak while the front person just concentrates on paddling. The general rule of thumb is the larger or heavier person sits at the back.  This will maximise the kayak’s easy glide on the water.

    Two persons sitting on a family kayak should work as team, as teamwork is the most important part of tandem kayaking. For a better kayaking experience, you must remain calm with your partner and maintain good communication between you.  If paddling is done in unison then two people can paddle very efficiently and avoid any clashing of paddles.

    Family kayaks really can be so many different things for different people but it is truly a versatile and fun water sport that can be enjoyed on lakes, rivers, local reefs, and ocean surf.

    Easy Kayaks invites you to try out our family kayaks in Port Noarlunga on a try before you buy scenario.  Rent a family kayak from us and if you decide to purchase one then the rental amount will be deducted from the sales price.  We can also provide our family kayaks in Christies Beach or any other local waterway such as the Onkaparinga River  in Port Noarlunga.

    Please view our selection of Easy Kayaks Family Kayaks in our products list below:


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