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    The following conditions pertain to the risks and responsibilities for Easy Kayaks customers and Easy Kayaks when booking a kayak rental.


    We will accept and hold advance reservations via our online booking form (Easy Hire) or via the telephone for a limited period of time. To confirm a booking, we require a full payment deposit by the due date and reservations may expire or kayaks may be reassigned if a deposit is not received by the due date.

    An addtional $50 deposit per kayak – on top of the rental fee – shall be required to confirm unguided day hire bookings longer than three hours.

    An addtional $100 deposit per kayak –  on top of the rental fee – shall be required to confirm unguided multi-day bookings or overnight rentals.

    Bookings for under 3 hours will not require an additional deposit; however, the rental fee must be paid prior to the hire date.


    We understand you may need to change your travel plans, possibly at short notice, and Easy Kayaks may also need to change trip plans due to safety reasons or comfort.

    Easy Kayaks reserves the right to alter or cancel any bookings prior to departure for any reason.  In the event that Easy Kayaks needs to cancel your booking, you will be notified as soon as possible and given the option of changing your hire date or receiving a full refund.

    Rental costs will not be refunded for short notice cancellations or if clients miss their trip due to late arrival.

    Please notify us immediately if it becomes necessary to cancel your booking.

    The following cancellation fees may apply:

    Any cancellations less than 48hrs prior to hire date or your non arrival at the agreed hire time will forfeit your full hire cost.


    Easy Kayaks will always put safety first.  As kayaking is considered an adventure activity, all potential risks can not be prevented; however, our aim is to manage risks to acceptable levels.

    Guided Tours

    During guided tours, the guide has responsibility for all safety decisions. The guide, or Easy Kayaks management may change trip plans or arrange support services to ensure client safety.

    We will not launch tours if we consider the water conditions to be unsuitable for the group. If water conditions are good but the sky is cloudy or light rain is falling, we will still launch trips and expect our clients to honour their bookings.

    Once a trip is underway, the financial risk of weather disruption transfers to the client.  Easy Kayaks will not issue any refunds if a client decides to leave a guided tour early.

    If the weather is unsuitable at the tour location, Easy Kayaks will relocate the tour to an alternative location whenever possible and expect clients to honour their bookings.  Please Note: Full cancellation fees will apply if you choose to cancel at this point.

    If your trip is cancelled due to bad weather or you cannot transfer to an alternative tour, we will refund any tour payments made.

    Non-Guided Rentals

    If adverse weather conditions such as rain or lightning prevent clients from enjoying their paddling experience and cause them to cancel their hire after taking to the water, Easy Kayaks will attempt to re-book their experience for a future date at no added cost to the client; however, if the client completely cancels their booking due to weather conditions or other reasons and have already taken to the water then no refund will be offered.


    • The use of kayak equipment carries inherent risks and dangers which may include, but in no way limited to injuries such as abrasions, sprains, breaks, concussions; drowning; physical exertion and sun burn.
    • Each participant in the hire of this equipment must complete and sign a liability waiver and Acceptance of Risk. Participants who do not complete these forms or do not sign the Acceptance of Risk will not be permitted to use the equipment. Any participants under 18 years of age must have their forms signed by a parent or guardian accompanying them.
    • We ask that you respect our equipment while it is in your possession. Please report any problems you experience and any damage caused and/or any repairs needed. Any costs incurred in the retrieval/repair, cleaning or replacement of equipment will be the sole responsibility of the hirer. In signing this agreement, the hirer accepts that these costs will be charged to the debit or credit card provided above unless by arrangement.
    • Kayak & equipment rental is dependent on weather. Easy Kayaks reserves the right to decline or cancel kayak hire at any stage based on current weather conditions and forecasts, irrespective of the participants perceived skill level. Furthermore, Easy Kayaks reserves the right to alter or limit the areas in which rental clients can paddle based on weather conditions and perceived skill levels.

    I (the rental client) agree that Easy Kayaks cannot be held responsible for any actions I undertake while hiring this equipment.


    Deposit Required: 100% of total hire charge.  Full payment is due no later than 48 hours prior to your hire date.
    Cancellation of booking less than 48hrs notice:  100% of total hire charge unless kayaks can be re-booked.
    Cancellation of booking  greater than 48 hours prior:  No charge

    Deposits will not be refunded for:

    • short notice cancellations (less than 48 hours) or
    • if clients miss their rental due to late arrival or
    • if clients decide not to hire when weather conditions are still suitable for paddling or
    • if a client decides to return early.

    Easy Kayaks may charge for kayaks needing to be collected from a location other than the hire location.  The following kayak retrieval costs will be charged to the rental participant(s):

    • On foot-based retrieval = $25 per hour (1 hour minimum)
    • Vehicle-based retrieval = $35 per hour (1 hour minimum)
    • Sea-based retrieval = $60 per hour (1 hour minimum)

    Cleaning Fees

    For equipment returned in dirty condition beyond normal wear, a  $15 per kayak cost will be charged.

    Equipment Repair or Replacement

    Damaged or lost equipment shall be repaired whenever possible and replaced if necessary.  The cost of all kayak repairs or kayak replacement is the responsibility of the hirer.


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HIRE CENTRE NEWS   (Jan 2, 2021)

Our hire season is now in full swing.

Easy Kayaks always welcomes walk-on customers; however, it is always recommended that you book ahead to reserve your kayaks and SUPs. 

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